Regíon: Nyamasheke district, Western province
      Variedad: Bourbon rojo 
      Proceso: Lavado
      Altura: 1400-1600m
      Notas: Cereza, té negro, caramelo.

      Rwanda is blessed with ideal coffee growing conditions that include high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with good organic structure and an abundance of Bourbon. The vast majority of Rwandan coffee is produced by smallholders of which there are thought to be around half a million with parcels of land often not much larger than just one hectare per family.

      Coffee is grown in most parts of the country, with particularly large concentrations along Lake Kivu and in the southern province. Rwandan smallholders organise themselves into cooperatives and share the services of centralised wet-mills or washing stations as they are known locally. Flowering takes place between September and October and the harvest runs from March to July, with shipments starting in August through December.

      Inzovu is a composed with a mixture of coffees from the Western and southern areas of Rwanda generally grown on mid-high altitude of the many hills that compose the landscape in the country. Once the season is finished and is time for milling the coffee is sorted and all the Peaberrys are kept separate due to their smaller screen size and they are going to compose a separate lot that maintain the flavour profile of the original lot and often it happen to have a more distinctive acidity and bigger and bolder mouthfeel in the cup, like in this case.



      Regíon: Inza, Cauca
      Variedad: Caturra, Castillo
      Proceso: Lavado
      Altura: 1700-2000m
      Notas: Ciruela, albaricoque, caramelo.

      This coffee is grown by smallholder producers around the Inza and Paez municipalities in Cauca Department. Both of these communities border the Huila region which gives lots from this area the higher body of Cauca coffees and the incredible complexity of coffees from Huila. San Sebastian coffee plantation stands out on its prominent environment, preserving the biodiversity of fauna and flora, promoting social development and economic growth of our fellow country people. San Sebastian farm grows specialty coffee and maintains the quality of the coffee beans, influenced by sensory attributes and practical farming techniques that create a product with unique characteristics. Farmers own small parcels where they grow coffee at 1700 m. and the crops are mainly Castillo and Caturra.



      Regíon: Worka Chelbesa, Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
      Variedad: Mixed heirloom
      Proceso: Lavado
      Altura: 1900-2200m
      Notas: Melocotón, bayas rojas, miel.

      The community of Worka Chelbessa is located in Gedeb, which is the most southern part of the Gedeo region. For the last decade, the area of Worka Chelbessa has become more and more well known for producing spectacular coffees, and this is why this area was one of the first places that coffee producer Neguesse Debela wanted to invest in when he started in coffee a few years ago. In 2017, Neguesse started operating his first site in Worka Chelbessa, but quickly expanded in 2019 by buying another washing station a few kilometers away in a small area sub area of Worka Chelbessa called Danche. The two sites, run by Negusse and his team, execute immaculate washed and natural processed coffees, but also create unique experimental lots in an effort to always keep improving their quality.

      Peso neto 250gr.



      Regíon: Belén de Umbría
      Variedad: Castillo
      Proceso: Natural Anaerobic 72h
      Altura: 1800m
      Notas: Maracuyá, lemon curd, chocolate negro.

      Finca Buena Vista is located in southwestern Colombia in the Risaralda department. The municipality, Belén de Umbría is 67km away from the department’s capital, Pereira. The farm is known as the best coffee producer of the department – and in some cases all the central coffee region of Colombia. On the farm they take great care of the land and soil and have it tested and analysed every two years. There are also a large number of native trees planted on the farm to protect the soils and provide organic material. The farm also has 13 bee hives in total to help with pollination it is believed there is greater production with this method of pollination. The honey from the bees is also a food source for the workers at the farm. In total the farm employs around 50 people across various roles and they are provided with good access to subsidised food as well as having tv’s, pool tables and a soccer field for activities outside of work.

      Process – Natural 72 hour Fermentation. This lot name is named Oso Andino which translate as Andean Bear.

      The coffee goes through 2 selection processes first after picking with floatation and removal of immatures. The coffee is then placed into the fermentation barrels. The environment for the coffee is anaerobic, every 24 hours the barrels are opened in order to stir the coffee and create a homogenous mix.

      Once the 72 hours are completed the drying process begins, targeting 9.5-11.5% moisture; this is done with 48 hours of drying through dehumidifiers and the last part is sun dried on African beds.



      Regíon: Huila, Guadalupe
      Variedad: Bourbon rosa
      Proceso: Natural
      Altura: 1550m
      Notas: Mandarina, fresa, panela.

      This Natural pink bourbon microlot is produced by Luis Antonio Contreras at El Descanso farm. He began growing coffee in the west of the Huila region about 22 years ago. Coming from coffee producing family, after working together with his brothers the farm was divided between them into plots to work individually. Constant work and passion for coffee made Luis Contreras and his family turn the farm into their home. “I decided to dedicate myself to coffee farming, because my parents gave me support and taught me how to cultivate and work with the land.” – says Luis. He has been working hard on improving the quality of his coffees and working on all aspects of the production of his lots from the growing, picking and post harvest treatment.

      Peso neto 250gr

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