Regíon: Belén de Umbría
Variedad: Castillo
Proceso: Natural Anaerobic 72h
Altura: 1800m
Notas: Maracuyá, lemon curd, chocolate negro.

Finca Buena Vista is located in southwestern Colombia in the Risaralda department. The municipality, Belén de Umbría is 67km away from the department’s capital, Pereira. The farm is known as the best coffee producer of the department – and in some cases all the central coffee region of Colombia. On the farm they take great care of the land and soil and have it tested and analysed every two years. There are also a large number of native trees planted on the farm to protect the soils and provide organic material. The farm also has 13 bee hives in total to help with pollination it is believed there is greater production with this method of pollination. The honey from the bees is also a food source for the workers at the farm. In total the farm employs around 50 people across various roles and they are provided with good access to subsidised food as well as having tv’s, pool tables and a soccer field for activities outside of work.

Process – Natural 72 hour Fermentation. This lot name is named Oso Andino which translate as Andean Bear.

The coffee goes through 2 selection processes first after picking with floatation and removal of immatures. The coffee is then placed into the fermentation barrels. The environment for the coffee is anaerobic, every 24 hours the barrels are opened in order to stir the coffee and create a homogenous mix.

Once the 72 hours are completed the drying process begins, targeting 9.5-11.5% moisture; this is done with 48 hours of drying through dehumidifiers and the last part is sun dried on African beds.

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