Regíon: Gaitania, Tolima, La Floresta
Variedad: Caturra
Proceso: Lavado
Altura: 1800-1900m
Notas: Mora, frutas de hueso, panela.

This coffee is grown by smallholder producers around the Inza and Paez municipalities in Cauca Department. Both of these communities border the Huila region which gives lots from this area the higher body of Cauca coffees and the incredible complexity of coffees from Huila. San Sebastian coffee plantation stands out on its prominent environment, preserving the biodiversity of fauna and flora, promoting social development and economic growth of our fellow country people. San Sebastian farm grows specialty coffee and maintains the quality of the coffee beans, influenced by sensory attributes and practical farming techniques that create a product with unique characteristics. Farmers own small parcels where they grow coffee at 1700 m. and the crops are mainly Castillo and Caturra.

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