Costa Rica El Perezoso – Espresso


Región: West Valley
Variedad: Mixed
Proceso: Honey
Altura: 1540m
Notas: Maracuyá, té negro, avellanas.

El Perezoso lot come from Coopro Naranjo, located in Costa Rica’s West Valley, an area under the influence of Pacific weather patterns which was badly hit by hurricane Nate in 2017. The coop has over 2000 members, and has been running its ‘Loma’ microlot programme since 2006. The programme offers agronomy and processes training and support to its members. The producers need to fulfil the requirements of the coop for their coffee to be considered for microlots and, if successful, they receive a cash advance of 110,000 colones (approx. $180). The microlots are dried on African beds. The lots are not disturbed at all during the first night, but are moved every 20 minutes after that. It takes 10-12 days to dry the honeys, 18 days for the naturals.

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