Etiopía Dogo – Espresso


Regíon: Dogo Kebele, Western Guji
Variedad: Mixed heirloom
Proceso: Natural
Altura: 2000-2200m
Notas: Fresa, maracuyá, chocolate con leche.

While Ethiopia is famous as coffee’s birthplace, today it remains a specialty coffee industry darling for its incredible variety of flavors. While full traceability has been difficult in recent history, new regulations have made direct purchasing possible.  Guji Dogo is named after the area where it is produced: Dogo is a neighbourhood located in the west of Guji in southern Ethiopia. Situated at 2000-2200m, the area has good drainage and benefits from a fertile red clay soil. It is planted with young trees which produce a coffee that is gaining a reputation for its intense fruitiness and complexity. naturals are dried on raised beds exposed to the sun for 10-12 days, depending on the weather conditions. The resulting coffees have a bright, super-clean character, with soft acidity and round flavours which linger on the palate.

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Whole beans / En grano
Moka pot / Italiana
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