Guatemala La Esperanza – Espresso


Region: Antigua
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500m
Notes: Nectarina, piña, caramelo, avellana.

La Esperanza is fairly small, flat, and well organised farm in Antigua that produces around 1 container of coffee per year. The farm is connected to Beneficio La Esperanza wet mill, both are owned by Los Volcanes Coffee, also known as LVC additionally, La Esperanza has become set up to be a teaching farm where the partner producers come to participate in workshops and training on how to improve their own farms and learn organic growing techniques.
This coffee is processed directly at the mill, Beneficio La Esperanza, using traditional washing techniques; the coffees were taken out to patio-drying for 18 days drying with a lot of care being taken with the movement and stacking of the coffee.

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