Kenya Kiamwangi AA – Filter


Region: Nyeri Country, Central Kenya
Variety: SL 28, SL 34
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600-1700m
Notes: Grapefruit, lemon curd, rhubarb crumble.

The Kamwangi factory is situated in the Kirinyaga district of Central Province. The nearest town is Ngairiama and Kamwangi factory is affiliated to the Ngairiama FCS cooperative. There are nearly 1000 members in this cooperative who each have around 250 coffee trees growing alongside maize, banana trees, macadamia trees and beans. The cooperative is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members by increasing the coffee production and also improving the quality of the coffee processed. The cooperative is Rainforest Alliance certified which has led to better access to training along  with greater transparency for the members. There has also been a credit system developed to assist with pre-financing for the cooperative members who can use it to purchase farm inputs or to pay.

Net weight 250gr.

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