Tanzania Ilomba PB – Espresso


Region: Mbozi, Songwe
Variety: Bourbon, kent, typica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700m
Notes: Red apple, green tea, brown sugar.

Coffee’s roots in Tanzania can be traced via oral history back to the Haya tribe of Northwest Tanzania in the 16th century. Following German and then British colonial rule, the Tanzanian coffee industry has undergone many transformations and adjustments in an effort to create the most equal, profitable and high-quality coffee possible. This lot produced by smallholder farmers who deliver their cherries to the  ilomba station. the station sits on the steep slopes of the South Western highlands in Mbeya. They plan to continue improving the quality  by building new fermentation tanks, offices and warehouses. They also accept cherry from farmers who are not members, helping all farmers increase their income by improving the quality and ultimately, the value of their coffees.

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