• Burundi Shembati – Espresso


    Region: Kayanza
    Variety: Red bourbon
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 1700-1800m
    Notes: Tropical fruits, yogurt, roasted almonds, milk chocolate.

    Salum is the only Burundian producer to own his own farm and washing stations in a country where 95% of the coffee industry is divided between 2 major players. His farm is located in Mbirizi. It is one of the largest in the country with some 7,000 trees. His 4 washing stations are Buzira, Shembati, Sehe and Butaganzwa. They are all located at altitudes of between 1,700 and 2,100 meters and Salum has a working relationship with over 8,700 farmers. In order to encourage his producers to harvest only very ripe cherries, Salum pays a much higher price for one kilo of cherries than the actual market price, in a country where the standard of living is among the lowest in the world. He has also set up his own transport company to control how his coffees are transported from the washing station to the port.

  • Brazil Corrego Das Pedras – Espresso


    Region: Carmo De Cachoeria, Sul de Minas
    Variety: Yellow catuai
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 1100m
    Notes: Orange, lime, milk chocolate, praline cream.

    Julia Figueiredo is the 4th generation of coffee grower at CorreGo Das Pedras in the Figueiredo Family. Initially Julia had decided to study Psychology and pursue a different career but after her studies and spending time at home with the family at their 271ha farm she found that her passion and calling was coffee wanting to learn from her father and grandfather. Julia now works alongside her godfather ‘Lucio’ as they seek to drive the quality forward from the farm. In total the farm is planted with 169 ha of coffee and this specific lot comes from the Yellow Catuai varietal that has shown to give a sweet and balanced cup. The farm mainly uses mechanical collection for the coffees and after harvest the coffees are machine sorted by density and ripeness to determine what process is then done.

  • Kenya Kiamwangi AA – Filter


    Region: Nyeri Country, Central Kenya
    Variety: SL 28, SL 34
    Process: Washed
    Altitude: 1600-1700m
    Notes: Grapefruit, lemon curd, rhubarb crumble.

    The Kamwangi factory is situated in the Kirinyaga district of Central Province. The nearest town is Ngairiama and Kamwangi factory is affiliated to the Ngairiama FCS cooperative. There are nearly 1000 members in this cooperative who each have around 250 coffee trees growing alongside maize, banana trees, macadamia trees and beans. The cooperative is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members by increasing the coffee production and also improving the quality of the coffee processed. The cooperative is Rainforest Alliance certified which has led to better access to training along  with greater transparency for the members. There has also been a credit system developed to assist with pre-financing for the cooperative members who can use it to purchase farm inputs or to pay.

    Net weight 250gr.

  • Ethiopia Wosasa – Filter


    Region: Uraga Woreda, Central Guji
    Variety: Gibirinna & Serto
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 2100-2350m
    Notes: Jasmine, blueberry jam, roasted almonds.

    Wosasa is the name of a sub Kebele in the Raro Nensebo Kebele. The lot take the name of the village where the twenty five farmers that contributed to this lot live with their families, all of them are growing Gibirinna & Serto variety. those are local selected variety with high disease resistant qualities. Farmers are growing their coffees under the shade of indigenous trees mainly rich loam soil, on average every producer own 3.5 ha of land around the Wosasa sub Kebele. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the “King of Guji”, Ture Waji. What’s unique about how these drying stations are managed are the drying beds themselves: each day lot is tracked with a tag for each bed, listing the specific delivery and the start date of drying and relative Moisture Content Readings for each day.

    Net weight 250gr.

  • Colombia Edilberto Vergara – Filter


    Region: San Isidro, Huila
    Variety: Pink bourbon
    Process: Washed
    Altitude: 1750m
    Notes: Pineapple, raspberry, cherry, grapefruit.


    This pink bourbon microlot is produced by Edilberto Vergara. At the peak of the harvest, Don Edilberto hired 18 pickers from neighboring municipalities but also pickers from the producing regions of Narino and Cauca. The pickers are paid by the kilo and when they harvest cherries for these microlots they receive a premium. Aldubral and his sons Carlos and Jhoan have carried out numerous experiments on the different processes which reveal the potential of their coffees. Edilberto Vergara and his wife Nubia are from the department of Cundinamarca. They began growing coffee in the south of the Huila region about 30 years ago, having both come from coffee producing families. Today, Edilberto and Nubia have 5 children and cultivate 16 hectares of coffee at their Las Flores farm.

    Net weight 250gr.

  • AeroPress Paper Filters


    350 white paper filters for AeroPress

  • AeroPress Coffee Maker


    Using this method, you get up to 250ml of coffee at once and the whole process takes only a few minutes. Aeropress is unique with its small size and light weight, so you can brew your coffee just anywhere. Another advantage is that the device is made of a durable material that is easy to maintain.
    Currently, AeroPress is considered one of the most interesting alternative coffee brewing methods. All over the world there are championships crowned with World AeroPress Championships.
    Package content: Aeropress, 350 paper filters, coffee stirrer, coffee scoop, filter holder.

  • Hario V60 02 Paper Filters


    Hario Drip brews amazing coffee but only when you use a suitable filter. This is the most standard version of filters which allow for very good water flow. 100pcs V60-02 Filters

  • Hario V60 Coffee Maker Kit


    The plastic dripper provides durability and comfort if you want to use Hario V-60 when travelling. Plastic is also food-safe and provides great heat-retention when brewing. Its conical form and special grooves on the inside of the dripper provide excellent water flow.

    Includes:Plastic Coffee Dripper
    Glass Coffee Server with lid
    Size 02 filter papers (40 pcs)
    Measuring spoon

  • Hario Coffee Grinder


    The grinder is extremely practical and handy as well as lightweight since it is made of plastic (except for ceramic burrs, of course), it allows for free and quick adjustment of grinding. It can quickly grind up to 24 grams of beans, which is the perfect amount to infuse 2 large cups of coffee in a dripper.

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